Best dance performances using TouchDesigner


TouchDesigner is a node-based visual programming language that enables artists, developers, programmers, creative coders, software designers, and performers to create real-time interactive multimedia content. It is a powerful tool that can be used to create a wide variety of multimedia content, including videos, audio, animations, and interactive experiences. TouchDesigner is fairly easy to learn and […]

Best Ai Music Videos 2023

This year has seen the emergence of many music artists using AI as a production technique for their music videos. The Ai techniques vary including applying AI filters, motion capture and full image generation. The technology is constantly changing with new code and platform releases made each week. The top Ai Music Videos for 2023 […]

How to choose the best agency for your HTML5 banner development project

HTML5 banners ads are recognised as one of the most effective forms of online advertising. The combination of images, animation, and text encourages interaction. Digital display banner ads are usually compatible with different types of devices such as mobile and desktop. Banners must also have a strong call to action which will lead to a […]

Why choose a White Label digital agency

White label marketing is not new, but people often confuse it with subcontracting or outsourcing. White label marketing and digital production involves outsourcing services and rebranding them under your own business’ name. White label digital marketing organisations can provide an extensive array of services, such as general digital production, web development, app coding, SEO, email […]

5 Web Design Trends for 2022

What kind of web design trends have we seen so far in 2022? Here we’ll look at 5 trends that have been popular so far. Hopefully they can be inspirational when choosing the design of new your website! 1. Asymmetrical Layouts One of the most popular trends that is sure to stick around in 2022 […]

Diva-R and Diva-C Skins

Recently we put together 2 flavours of U-HE’s legendary analog mimicking synth, Diva. They both incorporate a hidden function in Diva’s theme application builder which can be used to randomise sounds. The function already existed as a patch, but we made it more user friendly by making the logo a clickable randomiser. The sounds it […]

Display Banner Production Trends

This year will be a big year for digital display and banner production. Here are 4 trends to watch out for. 1. Responsive Display Advertising 90% of our web browsing is now done on mobile.  As we all know there are many different smart phone sizes and these all need to be catered for, so […]

Tips on creating Android & iPhone apps for speaking events

At FIT we recently pub­lished an iphone app for a large design event based in Lon­don, so can share some insights into cre­at­ing an iphone or android app for a speak­ing event of this kind. Below are a set of 10 insights, please enjoy at your convenience. 1. CRE­ATE A DYNAMIC LIST OF SPEAK­ERS AND […]

Light my fire! Using iO7 iBeacons in campaigns

WHAT ARE IBEACONS AND HOW CAN WE USE THEM IN CAMPAIGNS? In Roman Bri­tain com­mu­nic­a­tion under the cover of dark­ness was car­ried out with fire. Forts would place bon­fires on top of the highest hill­tops. Fire meant “we’re under attack!”, no fire “everything is ok”. Neigh­bour­ing forts would pick up these sig­nals and be able […]

FIT is Google Doubleclick Studio Certified!

We’re proud to announce that is FIT is Google Double­click Stu­dio cer­ti­fied. This means that we can have more con­fid­ence in hand­ling ban­ner cre­at­ives served through the Double­click plat­form. We’re look­ing for­ward to work­ing with our cli­ents to pro­duce more premium flash and html5 banners!