Diva-R and Diva-C Skins

Recently we put together 2 flavours of U-HE’s legendary analog mimicking synth, Diva. They both incorporate a hidden function in Diva’s theme application builder which can be used to randomise sounds. The function already existed as a patch, but we made it more user friendly by making the logo a clickable randomiser. The sounds it produces are very ‘interesting’. We did not want to modify the whole theme but just update it, so amended the Diva and U-HE logo.

The skins also comes with 30 presets generated with the Randomiser.

2 versions of Diva


A ‘Circuit Bent’ logo and updated U-HE logo. Click the ‘Diva-R’ logo to randomise.


A ‘classy’ update of the Diva branding, removing the old web 2.0 Diva and U-HE logo. Click the logo to randomise.


You can download from here for Free.


Locate the ‘Theme’ folder:

MacHD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes

Unzip and place the ‘Diva-R’ and ‘Diva-C’ folders into the ‘Themes’ folder. Open up Diva, go to “Preferences” and select “default skin”.

* Use at your own risk. It’s just a skin though.

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