Best dance performances using TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner is a node-based visual programming language that enables artists, developers, programmers, creative coders, software designers, and performers to create real-time interactive multimedia content. It is a powerful tool that can be used to create a wide variety of multimedia content, including videos, audio, animations, and interactive experiences. TouchDesigner is fairly easy to learn and use, and offers a wide range of features and capabilities, making it a valuable tool for anyone creating multimedia content.

TouchDesigner has been used to create a wide variety of dance performances. Some of these performances have been used to showcase the capabilities of TouchDesigner, while others have been used to create immersive and interactive experiences for audiences. In this TouchDesigner showcase we have also included some tutorials and video that can also provide inspiration.

Top 13 dance performances using TouchDesigner

Dance with TouchDesigner

A movement and technology exploration with artist/programmer Ken Hill at David’s Dreamfactory, Las Vegas.

Touchdesigner-流体粒子+popping dance

A particle interaction study by PATL.

Dancing in the point cloud

A Realtime Kinect point cloud by exsstasin made using TouchDesigner.

Control Shift – Interactive Dance Performance at Staatsballett Berlin, 2020

An Interactive Dance Performance by Control Shift using 4 Sensors by Mictic, 2 Ballet Performers controlled the music and visuals. Programmed with TouchDesigner.

wish it was snowing out – TouchDesigner + Kinect

An experiment with static particles by Alvie Starr, that almost look like snow.


The movement of air by Adrien m & Claire B.

Interactive Visuals: Kinect + Touchdesigner + Dance // First Tryouts

An experiment by Katharina Holzweber using a Kinect Camera and Touchdesigner. A performance made with dance students of the music school of Prinzersdorf.

Simple Motion Visualisation – TouchDesigner Tutorial 55

A TouchDesigner tutorial by bileam tschepe (elekktronaut), looking at a few techniques on how to capture motion with video and Kinect input and display.

Performance of Pixel by Mourad Merzouki, Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot | WIRED

Projection mapping by Lyon based performance artists Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot.

Better Than Me – Original Music and Video (TouchDesigner)

A powerful Music video made by Fabio. This one uses TouchDesigner to make sound-reactive point clouds in a virtual space.

Touch Reactive Ripple Installation

Reactive ripples by KN, made with Touchdesigner and a Kinect.

wireframe kinect TouchDesigner

Tutorial by AdaXx on how to create a connected line dance performance made using TouchDesigner


An interactive ballet performance by Laserentertainment using Blacktrax tracking technology and reactive Realtime visual mapping with Touchdesigner

Why use Touch Designer for dance performance?

With TouchDesigner, you can produce an extensive range of multimedia content, ranging from music videos and live performances to interactive installations, games, and fixed media works. TouchDesigner is a versatile tool is capable of creating highly intricate and interactive multimedia experiences.

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