For the Japanese launch of the Kissho collection FIT proofread leaflets and marketing material for the Japanese market. We also assisted with the subtitling of the Japanese promotional videos.

Vertu have collaborated with Japanese National Living Treasure Kazumi Murose who is a master in the Maki-e lacquerware technique on a series of four Signature phones. Each phone named Daigu (Cherry Blossom), Kinko (Brocade), Kikusui (Chrysanthemum) and Nanten (Nandina Domestica) represent the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Kazumi Murose hand lacquered with gold and silver powder and mother of pearl in a long process taking several months to complete. Two of the phones are made of white gold whilst the other two are made of yellow gold. The collection named Kissho which means good omen comprises of only four phones which will be available exclusively from the Vertu store in Ginza, Tokyo. (From

This work was commissioned by a partnership of agencies, please contact us if you would like to know more details.